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Some may have heard of the two incidents involving a fire in the Battery Packs of FES equipped gliders. While neither of these cases involved the SILENT 2 Electro, we are naturally considering the matter very seriously and are co-operating with the manufacturer (LZ-Design) and the various authorities involved both to identify the root cause and to ensure the safety and integrity of the FES Battery packs already in the field. We will continue to communicate closely with all our UK customers with a view to a positive outcome in the interests of all parties involved.

Stephano Ghiorzo (Italy) has claimed three new World Records in the 13.5m Class while flying a SILENT 2 Electro in Namibia.

See the You Tube video clip for more..




And then there were TEN!
G-CJIB is the latest edition to the UK fleet and the tenth SILENT 2 Electro to be delivered in the UK. This one has a Ballistic Recovery System, steerable tail-wheel, tinted canopy and a very well equipped panel including LX-9050 flight computer and a Trig transponder.





Welcome to G-CIZW, shown here having just been rigged for the first time. Its equipped with a Ballistic Recovery System, tinted canopy and a very nice panel, complete with LX-9000 flight computer.







Read all about X-Italia (Cross Italy) in the feature length article published in the Aug/Sep edition of Sailplane & Gliding. It describes the recent trial of a new form of competition involving three SILENT 2 Electro's and the use of the electric motor, both for self-launching and restricted use while in flight.

A PDF version of the article is available to download.

We will be exhibiting the SILENT 2 Electro at the forthcoming AeroExpo UK 2016, scheduled for 1-3 July at Sywell Aerodrome.

Visit www.aeroexpo.co.uk for all the information you might need.

We look forward to seeing you there!

ALISPORT SRL (Cremella, Italy) is the very proud recipient of the 2016 FAI Angelo D’Arrigo Diploma which was awarded at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the FAI Environmental Commission (EnvC) held on 5 March 2016 in Moscow.
This prestigious diploma aims to recognise and promote major contributions in the field of environmental and sustainable development, in accordance with the development of a philosophy and a vision of sport aviation. The award
is of particular significance to Alisport as it embraces the very same values pursued by our founder, Mr. Gianmario Beretta.
We will once again be exhibiting the SILENT 2 Electro at the BGA Conference 2016 - which will take place on Saturday 27 February at the Belfry Hotel in Nottingham.

Luka Znidarsic of LZ Design will also be present at the conference - to deliver a presentation on the subject of FES Technology.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Following factory training at LZ Design, we are pleased to offer technical advice and maintenance on any aspect of the FES (Front Electric Sustainer/Self-Launcher) to our UK customers.

See also the new FES page on this website - providing a little further insight into some of the key technical aspects of the FES system.





Welcome G-OFES to the UK - the newest SILENT 2 Electro to be delivered to these shores, and the first in Scotland!






We will be exhibiting the SILENT 2 Electro and the IDROVARIO range of variable-pitch carbon-fibre propellers at FLYER-LIVE 2015 - which is scheduled for 28-29 November at The International Centre, Telford.

More info on the FLYER LIVE website.





Another very satisfied UK customer - about to embark on her first flight in her brand new SILENT 2 Electro!





Rodney Witter flew his SILENT 2 Electro (G-OLEC) around a 500km task (RUF-RAT-CAW-RUF) on Thursday 9th July - to claim 5th place on the day in Competition Enterprise 2015 at Sutton Bank.

I believe it to be the first 500k for a SILENT in the UK.
Well done Rodney, enjoy Enterprise-2015!




Mark Dalton, former member of the London Gliding Club now living in Australia and frequent contributor to Sailplane & Gliding had an opportunity to fly the SILENT 2 Electro while on a recent visit to Italy.

His first words after the flight were "Its amazing, it's the future"




This article was published in the June edition of SkyWings, the magazine of the British Hang Gliding and Para Gliding Association (BHPA).

The article seeks to introduce Alisport and the SILENT 2 Electro and goes on to provide a report by ex-hang-glider pilot Brian Harrison, now a proud owner of a SILENT 2 Electro! Incidentally, Brian recently completed his personal first 300k flight in the Silent - congratulations Brian!


The newest addition to the SILENT 2 Electro fleet in UK - about to take her new owner for his first flight!

This brings the total to FOUR now delivered, with another due to arrive in June!



I am delighted to announce that we have been appointed to represent ANSCHAU Technik GMBH in the UK.

We are now in a position to sell and support the full range of Komet trailers - including those for gliders, touring motor-gliders, microlight aircraft and balloons.


The ALISPORT stand attracted a god deal of attention at AERO-2015 where the SILENT 2 Electro and our range of IDROVARIO propellers were shown to good effect.

Electric powered aircraft was a notable theme of the 2015 event. There were several notable technology exhibits from big players like Siemens and Airbus, there were also some new announcements of applications for the FES system by Schempp-Hirth (Discus-2) and HPH Sailplanes (Shark).

However the SILENT-2 Electro remains the only FES equipped self-launching sailplane in production!

BGA CTO Gordon MacDonald seen here taking a short rest from all the stress of the show!

Thanks to all the UK pilots who stopped to chat, it was great to see you all!


Don't miss the feature length article in the Apr/May edition of Sailplane & Gliding (page 38-41).

The article seeks to introduce Alisport and the SILENT 2 Electro and goes on to cover the key points associated with Single Seat Deregulation (SSDR) in the UK. We also invite five well known UK pilots to share their own experiences of flying the SILENT 2 Electro.

Our grateful thanks to the BGA and S&G for allowing distribution of this article and indeed also to the five contributing pilots: Andy Aveling, Chris Gibson, G Dale, Bill Murray & Ayala Truelove


The SILENT 2 Electro attracted a good deal of attention when it was shown (fully rigged) at the BGA Conference on Saturday 7th March.






We look to forward to the first ever 13.5m World Gliding Championships in Pociunai in August. Whatever happens, it’s sure to be exciting and we fully expect the SILENT 2 Electro to be a serious contender!


Another SILENT 2 Electro on its way to the UK! Here you see G-OLEC at the airfield at Alzate, immediately following the air-test.





Our Lasham based demonstrator has now been sold and there will shortly be THREE Silent 2 Electro's in the UK!

Merry Christmas and everything of the very best for the New Year ahead!






Southern Sailplanes have been selected as our preferred service centre for the SILENT range of self-launching microlight sailplanes in the United Kingdom. 

While SILENT sailplanes are de-regulated in terms of airworthiness in the UK, Southern Sailplanes will undertake both repairs as well as routine maintenance for our UK based customers. The option also exists for owners to undertake annual checks and routine maintenance themselves, under supervision by qualified aircraft mechanics at their new purpose-built facility at Membury.

The first of three SILENT 2 Electro's destined for customers in the UK!





Don't miss the report by Andy Aveling on his experience of flying the SILENT 2 Electro. It appeared in the November 2014 edition of Lasham's Rising Air - and is available to download here.




19 August 2014 - Pilot Licensing.

The UK CAA has confirmed the fact that holders of the LAPL(S) or SPL with Self Launch privileges can fly the Silent 2 Electro! See Information Notice IN-2014/139 for details.


Today it was the turn of Lasham tug-pilot Malgosha Marczynski to test fly the SILENT 2 Electro.

Malgosha thoroughly enjoyed her 3hr+ test flight and particularly loved the motor, "every glider ought to have a motor like this" she said.


Justin Wills took to the air in the SILENT 2 Electro while on a day visit to Lasham.

He flew a short Cross Country from Lasham to Parham via Butser Hill and then on to Newbury before returning the glider! He commented that it was like no other small glider he had ever flown, it was "like flying a standard class glider".


SILENT 2 Electro - US Club Class Winner!

Francois Pin flew the SILENT 2 Electro to first place in the recent SSA Club Class Nationals Contest in Texas, USA.

Many congratulations Francois!

See the full results.


17 July 2014 - SILENT 2 Electro on UK Register.

The SILENT 2 Electro demonstrator is now on the UK register and came out to play sporting her new markings for the fist time earlier today. She then went on to fly her pilot Bill Murray around her very first UK Cross Country task;


28 May 2014 - UK SSDR Announced.

Effective from today, single-seat fixed wing microlight aeroplanes no longer need to be regulated for airworthiness purposes, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has confirmed.

See the the CAA Information Notice IN-2014/101 for details.

First SILENT 2 Electro in the UK!

The UK demonstrator has made its debut at Lasham and is attracting a good deal of attention from members and the visiting competition pilots.

Don't be shy, come and say Hi! Try the glider for size and ask any questions you might have!

Riccardo Brigliadori (left) was the winner of the INTERNATIONAL CUP LEONARDO BRIGLIADORI 13.5m Class Championship which came to an end at Alzate (Italy) after five days of flying.

There were a total of eight SILENT 2 gliders in the competition and average cross country speeds in the range 99 - 114 kph were achieved by several of the top pilots which notably exceeded those achieved in the Club Class.

Our most hearty congratulations to Riccardo!

Ayala Truelove (Lasham) has just arrived at Alzate (Italy) for the practice days prior to the start of the INTERNATIONAL CUP LEONARDO BRIGLIADORI 13.5m Class Championship - on Friday 25 April.

Here she is (left) preparing for her very first flight in the SILENT 2 Electro.



We are delighted to announce that Ayala Truelove is to fly the SILENT 2 Electro in the INTERNATIONAL CUP LEONARDO BRIGLIADORI 13.5m Class Championship - scheduled for Alzate, Italy from 25 April to 3 May.

A Lasham based pilot - Ayala has a real passion is cross country and competition flying in particular. She flew her first Regional Competition at Dunstable in 2004 and has since then been flying in the Club Class Nationals. A good placing in 2007 earned her a place on the British Team and in the Women’s Worlds!

The place in the competition is sponsored jointly by Alisport Srl and GliderGuider.net. Best of luck Ayala!


12 February 2014 - Flying the SILENT 2 Electro!

Read all about the week long experience of Francois Pin who flew the SILENT 2 Electric during the 13.5m Super-Regional at Moriarty in the USA.

Quite apart from a great article about the glider, he also won the competition!


30 January 2014 - SILENT 2 Electro Certified in Germany!

The SILENT 2 Electro has been awarded Type Certification by the German Aero Club (DAeC).
It is the very first Ultralight Glider, equipped with a front electric motor, to have obtained German certification. This represents a significant milestone in gliding history, heralding a new age of technology with improvements in both safety and reliability and the scope to explore new and even less costly ways to fly.


Paul Conron flies the SILENT 2 Electro from Dingle Beach.

Don't miss the article in the Feb/Mar 2014 edition of Sailplane & Gliding - describing Paul Conran's flight in a brand new SILENT 2 Electro from Dingle Beach. The article also includes a response from BGA CEO Pete Stratten, giving his views on the new ultralight class. See Page 30..


16 January 2014 - Allan Arthurs appointed UK agent for Alisport Srl.

I have always been a keen advocate in the Front Electric Sustainer (FES) and the SILENT 2 Electro combines this with a superbly engineered, lightweight airframe, capable of self-launching. The combination is expected to offer significant new opportunities for recreational pilots.

Please contact us for further enquiries.
You can be assured of our very best personal efforts on your behalf.

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