De-regulated, Electric, Self-Launching Sailplane.



Built for the new FAI 13.5m Class!

With a MTOW of 300 kg (or 315 kg including a Ballistic Recovery System) and a stall speed of no more than 35 knots, the SILENT 2 Electro fits perfectly into the Single Seat Deregulated (SSDR) category in the UK and several other countries.

See the CAA Information Notice IN-2014/101 for details.
For more on pilot licensing in the UK see  IN-2014/139.


The SILENT 2 Electro is the only self-launching sailplane using the Front Electric Sustainer (FES) in serial production.

This highly efficient 22kW brushless electric motor is installed in the nose, driving a folding propeller and powered from two specially designed rechargeable battery packs. The power chain is aerodynamically clean and operationally very uncomplicated compared to a retractable power plant. It is also effectively maintenance free.


The SILENT 2 Electro is capable of both unassisted take-off and longer periods of powered flight - to sustain soaring flight.

A typical self-launch requires about 120m on a hard runway (~150m on grass). A self-launch to 1500 ft will consume some 20% of the battery capacity, leaving ample power for use as a sustainer. There is no forward pitch moment on take-off and the motor delivers the same performance regardless of altitude.

The SILENT 2 Electro soars effortlessly in the lightest air yet penetrates well while the highly innovative drive chain delivers clean and efficient power - at the flick of a switch!
Two batteries with a combined capacity of 4.2kWh and weighing just 15.5kg each and are located behind the cockpit, very close the the centre of gravity. They are easily installed and may be removed for charging.

Full power (22 kW) delivers a climb-rate of about 6 knots for up to 15 minutes while straight and level flight is maintained at just 4-5 kW for up to 60 minutes.

Built for the new FAI 13.5m Class.

Manufactured to the the very highest standards by Alisport Srl, in Italy, the SILENT 2 Electro has been built for the new FAI 13.5m class.

Every component of the glider is built to the very highest standard and everything is incredibly light!  All control linkages in the wings and tailplane are automatic, rigging the SILENT 2 Electro could not be easier!

Both winch and an aero-tow hooks are available as options
leaving the full 60 minutes motor duration available as a sustainer.

The glider is trimmed in pitch via an innovative variable-position horizontal stabilizer. The stabilizer position is governed by the flaperon setting; the five settings of the flap control produce corresponding changes in the incidence of the stabiliser, thus defining the trim airspeed in relation to the flap setting while the conventional elevator minimizes trim drag.

Fly the SILENT 2 Electro in the UK on a PPL/PPL(M) or the new SPL/LAPL(S)
with a Self Launch Endorsement


Seeing is believing - so take a look at these video clips..


SILENT 2 Electro - First World Records in Namibia
1000 km touring holiday for two SILENT 2 Electro pilots - also in Italy.

Key performance characteristics:
  • Wing span: 13.5m

  • Wing area: 9m2

  • Wing loading: 35kg/m2

  • MTOW: 300kg (315kg with ballistic safety parachute)

  • Best glide: 40:1 at 48kt

  • Min sink: -1.2kt at 46kt


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